The first show to open at the Creekside on June 13th is a new play being commissioned for the fest written by Utah based playwright and screenwriter Melissa Leilani Larsen (Jane and Emma, Freetown, Happy Little Secrets, Martyr’s Crossing, Pilot Program).  This play, that is yet to be titled, is different than anything you’ve seen on stage before.  This two person drama will be performed each night by actors know just as much about the play as you do.  Which is nothing.  The actors will receive their scripts after first entering the stage and discover the story, emotions and reality of the piece WITH the audience.  No two performances will be the same as each night the actors who performed will be sworn to secrecy and two new performers will take the stage. 

The final play to open on June 18th is the much loved play, Peter and the Starcatcher.  This Tony Award winning play has pleased millions of people young and old as they follow the adventures of young Molly Astor as she helps protect her father’s secret star stuff from evil pirates with the help of a nameless boy and his crazy lost friends.

William Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy Macbeth will open on June 17.  Macbeth, a brave Scottish general meets and is prophesied to by a band of witches that one day he will become the King of Scotland. Realizing his growing ambition and encouraged  by his equally if not more ambitious wife, Macbeth murders the King and takes the Scottish throne for himself. The bloodbath and consequent civil war swiftly take us into a world of insanity and destruction.

A Fun and Thought Provoking Experience for the Whole Family

3 Exciting Shows at the Creekside this summer!